About us

Neoterica GmbH is a research and development company that develops innovative products for pets:

  • Antiparasitic agents.
  • Vitamins, treats and feed additives
  • Care, hygiene and behavior correction products
  • Drugs for animals.

Starting in 2021, we are entering the cat and dog food market.

Mr.Buffalo dry food for dogs and cats is manufactured at a subsidiary of the transnational manufacturing concern Cargill, Provimi Petfood Rus in Klinu (MO), under the control of Neoterica GmbH (Essen, Germany).

  • The plant is equipped with American and Dutch equipment
  • The process is controlled from the receipt of raw materials and the manufacture of pellets to the packaging of feed in bags
  • Batches of feed are stable in quality, since the production of dry feed takes place without manual labor, in a closed, fully computerized cycle and the human influence on production is minimal
  • Each batch of meat, cereals and other components is repeatedly checked for conformity in quality by suppliers, the internal laboratory of the plant and state veterinary services
  • Only upon receipt of all quality certificates, the ingredients go to production.

Advantages of production in Russia

  • Our feeds are not tied to exchange rates, which is why their cost does not change much over time.
  • There may be interruptions in supplies from abroad, due to which the owners are forced to look for a replacement feed — we eliminate this problem.
  • Thanks to the Russian plant and domestic ingredients, production and supplies do not depend on external factors, and the price is affordable for most consumers.